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Our companies

LBM Defense

LBM's operational, technical, and tactical arm, providing world class security solutions in an ever changing world.


LBM's Ultra-High-Performance Concrete arm provides the highest quality concrete with advanced technology for the future of construction.

LBM Logistics

LBM provides global logistics through air, land, and sea. No matter the "widgets" or "materials" being transported our team of knowledgeable experts have you covered.

LBM Research

LBM provides and conducts state-of-art research in many markets and verticals. Our technological approach to research backed by our experience sets us apart.

LBM Development

LBM works with developers, architects, engineers, owners, and stakeholder teams around the globe on unique projects in a multitude of solution offerings.

LBM Homes

LBM with our UHPC designs homes and planned communities that are architecturally pleasing, more durable, cost-of-ownership, and environmentally friendly solution.

LBM Real Estate Equity

LBM works with private investment firms and developers to gain stake in real estate opportunities globally.